SMTD DEI Initiatives

DEI SMTD Student Ambassadors

The DEI Ambassadors Program empowers a diverse group of current SMTD students who serve to strengthen our community by engaging with and learning from leaders in society and each other.  Our student ambassadors are not only diverse in their age, gender, race, and sexual orientation; but also in religious affiliation, political views, and experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Ambassadors receive information about events within SMTD and across campus that focus on leadership, social change and inclusion, as well as gather together a few times throughout the year for trainings, dialogue, and solidarity. More importantly, they are tasked with taking their newly found knowledge back into their respective communities to serve as an example and support to their peers. Are you interested in becoming a DEI Ambassador? Contact Rikki Morrow-Spitzer, DEI Coordinator

Diversity and Inclusion Grants (DIGS)

SMTD grant funding for current SMTD students for student organization, professional development, conference attendance, or emergency support. Please contact the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for more information,

Performance Engagement Educational Residences (PEERS)

Performance Engagement Educational Residencies (PEERs) provides mentorship and mini grants of up to $2,000 to music, theatre and dance students to help create educational performance residencies in underserved communities around Southeast Michigan – Application

DEI Training Opportunities

Intergroup Relations  – IGR blends theory and experiential learning to facilitate students’ learning about social group identity, social inequality, and intergroup relations. The program prepares students to live and work in a diverse world and educates them in making choices that advance equity, justice, and peace.

UHR Learning and Professional Development – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Courses (Central Campus). U-M offers a growing curriculum of courses to help faculty & staff create more inclusive and welcoming environments.