Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Department of Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Designed for students seeking additional training and exploratory opportunities in arts entrepreneurship and leadership. This program is open to any student who has earned a bachelor’s degree.


The Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship & Leadership requires a total of 12 credits. Coursework to include:

  • At least one 3-credit EXCEL Graduate Gateway Course.
  • Other EXCEL graduate courses (at least 3 credits)
  • Any graduate courses in any school of department, contributing to the students’ critical understanding of business, entrepreneurship, management, strategy, marketing, social service, or leadership (at least 3 credits)
  • A Capstone Project developed with a supervising faculty member (2-3 credits)

Some credits may be doubled-counted with coursework undertaken in the student’s primary field of study in accordance with Rackham or SMTD guidelines.

How To Apply

For requirement details, please see the Minors & Certificates for Current Students.