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Upload Application Materials

All applicants to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance are required to create an Artistic Profile to be considered for an audition/interview.

Required Materials

  • Recent photograph or headshot
  • Professional resume, detailing your training and experience
  • Repertoire list (required for instrumental and vocal music programs only), including a complete list of your solo and chamber music repertoire
  • Preference for Audition/Interview Dates
  • Names and contact information for your recommender(s). One (1) arts-related recommender is required for undergraduates and three (3) recommenders are required for graduate applicants.
  • Pre-screening recordings, portfolio, video interview, studio teacher preference, and/or writing samples required by your Department
  • $45 application fee, payable upon submission of your Profile


Create Artistic Profile


Applying to Multiple Programs

Qualifying for two separate programs within the School of Music, Theatre & Dance is rare. However, if you do apply to two SMTD programs, create two Artistic Profiles—one for each program—and provide all the requirements for both.


Helpful Tips

  • Use the same email address and birth date on your Artistic Profile that appears on your application to U-M.
  • PDF format is highly preferred for document uploads. Please review all other acceptable media formats and size limits.
  • Contact SMTD Admissions if you need help uploading your materials or for technical support:

Complete Your Application

In addition to submitting your Artistic Profile, you'll need to complete an application to U-M by the deadline for your degree program:

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music (BM), Bachelor of Musical Arts (BMA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Theatre Arts (BTA): December 1

SMTD Graduate Programs

Master of Music (MM), Specialist in Music (SM): December 1

Rackham Programs

Master of Arts (MA), Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA),

Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): December 1

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