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Student and Parent Handbook

A sample 2017 MPulse Student & Parent Handbook is available for your reference. Included is information that guides preparation for a successful and safe MPulse experience in Ann Arbor.


Policies, Standards & Expectations

In order to attend MPulse, admitted students must agree to abide by University of Michigan and MPulse regulations and to cooperate with program authorities in furthering the ideals upon which the program was founded. Students may not possess or use tobacco, alchohol, or unauthorized drugs and must abide by all MPulse Standards, Policies & Expectations.


Registration Forms

Admitted students are required to complete online registration forms to attend MPulse. Dormitory accomodations will not be made until the student's registration is complete. If you have not received a link to your secure forms via e-mail, please contact the MPulse Office at

Sample Daily Schedule

Admitted students will receive a detailed daily schedule of activities.

7:30 AM


8:30-11:40 AM

Lessons, individual practice, classes

11:45 AM-12:30 PM


12:40-1:55 PM


2:05-3:30 PM

Theory classes, electives, lessons

4:00-5:00 PM

Chamber/Ensemble rehearsals

5:15 PM



Various activities: individual practice, campus tours, student recitals, guest performers, classes, and seminars

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