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Community Concerts

Youth and Adult Programs' Community Concerts connects School of Music, Theatre & Dance students with community organizations and and provide resources and support for positive interactions between performer and audience.

For over a decade, hundreds of talented and highly motivated performers from all SMTD disciplines have presented enriching arts experiences in a variety of community venues. Youth & Adult Community Programs (YAP) continues the SMTD's long-standing tradition of connecting with communities by coordinating excellent performances in hospitals, senior living communities, schools, community centers and other non-traditional performance venues. Since 2012, these performances have reached over 1,000 audience members in Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. Students receive resources and support from U-M faculty and Youth & Adult Programs staff. Organizations can learn more and request a performance on the Community Partner Info page of this website.

Community Concert Series

As an engaged-learning initiative of the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance, the Community Concert Series exists both to provide high quality cultural experiences for the surrounding community and for the educational benefit of participating students. Presentations are often provided for organizations whose members are unable to view live performances due to lack of funds or mobility. School presentations are designed to provide exposure to live performance to augment the regular curriculum.

SMTD student performers, with the support of SMTD faculty and staff, prepare repertoire and interactive presentations based on audience, performance location, and community need. This type of detailed preparation is only possible through purposeful and communicative relationships forged with Community Partner organizations. The focus on engagement and interaction increases the effectiveness of the program and provides a positive and inspiring experience for audience member and artist alike.

While recipients of YAP's community concerts benefit from this program, participating SMTD students also benefit. Performing with the Community Concert Series enhances the student's regular curriculum through increased performance opportunities; exposure to audiences with diverse backgrounds and experiences; increased ability to communicate with and perform for a variety of members of the community; and opportunities to reflect on and share their experiences.

Students interested in participating should visit the SMTD Student Info link and complete the brief questionnaire.

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