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pedal harp

Name of Instrument: pedal harp

Maker / Brand: Jean-Henri Naderman

Stearns Catalog #: 1007

Country of Origin: Paris, France

Region of Origin: Europe

Instrument Category: Chordophone

Date of Fabrication: 1790 (?)

Description: The label “Naderman a Paris” has been branded into the wood twice on the left side of the crossbar. Naderman was active from 1772 to 1800; this single action harp is thought to have been crafted in 1790. The round, octagonally fluted pillar of this Pedal Harp rises at ninety degrees from the base and is crowned by a figure of a bird resting on a bed of fruit; the bird is leaning over the side to feed a young chick that is facing upward. The sharply curving maple crossbar contains thirty-eight wrest pins and thirty-eight flag-type hooks. The spruce resonance chamber features elaborate paintings of flowers, a country scene, an old mill with a water wheel, a boy fishing by a brook, and musical instruments. The base has seven metal pedals, each having two positions. All pedals are hinged and fold up. It has thirty gut strings and eight metal-wound strings (lowest).

Research: Dr. Bruce Mitchell Smith

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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower