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clarinet in Bb

Stearns #1788

North America

New York, USA

This Clarinet (Simple system) in B Flat is made of four black stained grenadilla sections with German silver ferrules and bell mount. It has six ring keys plus seventeen German silver keys of modern cup type mounted on pillars--four L4 and R4 rollers. It has patent C# articulation (e/b' lever with adjustment screw), articulated c'#/g''# key (with adjustment screw), improved Bb mechanism with mechanical linkage between the speaker key and L1 ring (improves quality of g', g'#, and a'), alternate g#/d'# (L4) key, crossover G'# and a' keys, and wrap-around speaker key. The thumbhole has a metal bushing; there is a hard rubber mouthpiece and an extra barrel. All sections are marked, "B / [mark: eagle with wings poised downward] / (within oval) G.L. PENZEL / & MULLER / NEW YORK.". The fourth section is marked, "(below oval) PAT'D APR. 18, 1899"

See Stearns #1788, #1789, & #1790.

Research: Prof. James M. Borders