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  1. Principal Investigator
    Faculty member who is responsible for completion of research outcomes within a specified time period and budget.
  2. Faculty Research Committee
    • Appointed for a three-year term by the Dean with the consent of the Executive Committee.
    • Composed of one voting member from each of the three groups of the governing faculty.
      • Group 1: Composition, Conducting, Music Education, Music Theory, and Musicology
      • Group 2: Organ, Piano, Strings, Voice, and Winds & Percussion
      • Group 3: Dance, Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation, Musical Theatre, Performing Arts Technology, and Theatre & Drama
    • Ex officio members include the Director of Finance and Director of Research.
  3. Department Chair
    • Facilitates consideration of the sponsored research in the context of the mission of the institution, the principles of open scholarly exchange, artistic and academic freedom, and the University's tradition of conducting research aimed at enhancing human life and the human condition
    • Responsible for summarizing the discussion of the department for the FRC.[1]
  4. Director of Finance Human Resources and Facilities
    Reviews the project budget to ensure the financial integrity of direct costs, indirect costs, and cost sharing; is responsible for the accounting and encumbrances of all commitments; serves as an ex officio member of the FRC.
  5. Director of Research
    • Assists with development of the proposal narrative and budget defense in consultation with the Principal Investigator and Director of Finance; facilitates the work of the FRC and serves as an ex officio member; communicates on behalf of the SMTD with UMOR, ORSP, and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR)
    • Responsible for cost containment of the Faculty Research Fund, in concert with the Director of Finance.[2]
  6. Dean's Office
    Specifies annual allocation to the Faculty Research Fund.
  7. Development Office
    Consults on potential donors for research activity.

1. Implementation of Regents’ Policy Concerning Research Grants, Contracts, and Agreements, Standard Practice Guide. 17 Feb 1993. The Regents of the University of Michigan. 07 Jul 2007. <>

2. Policies And Procedures, A Handbook For Faculty, Faculty Research Fund. Sept 2006. University of Michigan School of Music Theatre & Dance. 06 Jul 2007. <>

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