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Process Overview for Grants and Sponsored Projects

  1. Develop goals and objectives for a project
  2. Locate a funding agency
  3. Write a proposal that includes a budget
    • A proposal, which must include a budget, is submitted to the SMTD Research Office.
    • See Don Thackrey's Proposal Writer's Guide for an excellent guide to proposal writing.
  4. Initiate internal review
    • Department Chair Consultation (required; see Roles)
    • Events Committee (optional depending on research outcomes)
    • Faculty Research Committee (required, advisory to the Dean)
  5. Submit for external review
    • The U-M Board of Regents requires that all transactions $10,000 or greater be competitively bid by Procurement Services to ensure that prices are fair and reasonable. (IMPORTANT: Note UMOR deadlines, published here.)
    • ORSP, for funding from external sources, i.e. sponsored projects (IMPORTANT: Note deadlines, published here.)
  6. Grant Awards
    • Fund disbursement coordinated with Director of Finance
    • Accounting procedures established between the Director of Finance and Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director.
  7. Grant Implementation
  8. Research / Project Conclusion
    • Project evaluation
    • Financial accounting
    • Report to sponsor

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