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General Undergraduate Audition Information

How are auditions scheduled?

How can I audition?

What should I expect at my audition?


How Are Auditions Scheduled?

Auditions are typically scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. We do take into consideration the date you apply, your preference for audition dates, and whether your application is complete:

  1. You must first submit your application and create your Artistic Profile by the deadline for your program. You will be able to select your first and second preferences of audition/interview dates available for your program when you create your Artistic Profile. We strongly encourage applicants to audition in Ann Arbor, but regional and recorded auditions are sometimes available.
  2. Once we have all your materials, our admissions counselors will review your application. If a pre-screening recording or portfolio is required for your program, faculty will review the work you upload with your Artistic Profile. This initial review process can take time, so the sooner you complete all the requirements, the sooner you'll hear about an audition!
  3. If approved to audition/interview, you will receive an email confirming the date. Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received an email confirmation of your audition/interview date.
  4. About ten days before your audition, you'll receive the details of appointment times and room locations. If you have questions about your audition schedule, please contact your department's Auditions Coordinator: 
  5. Plan to be available the whole day for your audition.

How Can I Audition?

We strongly recommend auditioning or interviewing in Ann Arbor. If this is not possible, regional auditions and recorded auditions may be alternate methods of completing the audition/interview process.

  • Please visit the audition dates page to see specific dates and locations available for your program.
  • Regional auditions are available for Theatre and Musical Theatre programs only. A subset of our faculty travels to review the regional auditions for Theatre and Musical Theatre programs. Specific information about the regional audition venues will be sent via email after your audition date is scheduled.
  • Dance applicants must audition in Ann Arbor.
  • For many of our Music programs, recorded auditions are also a possibility. The repertoire requirements for recorded auditions are the same as for in-person auditions. Please visit the appropriate departmental page to see the audition requirements for your program. To submit a recorded audition, select 'recorded audition' as your submission type when you complete your Artistic Profile and upload the appropriate recordings.

What Should I Expect at my Audition?

Depending on your program, your audition could last anywhere from ten minutes to a full day. You may audition for a panel of faculty, or just for one individual faculty member. Whatever the circumstances, remember to stay relaxed and focused on the performance you will give or the questions you will answer in your interview.

Here are a few tips about in-person auditions:

  • Dress appropriately, remembering that your appearance affects the way others perceive you.
  • Take the opportunity to meet our current students, sit in on classes, and observe rehearsals when you're here.
  • Try to attend one of the information sessions we offer. We'll be able to to answer any of your questions about the admissions process, financial aid, and what happens next.
  • Check our Performances & Events Calendar to see if a concert fits with your travel schedule.

Auditioning students will not be asked to take written placement exams in Theory or Musicology. Applicants to the Music Education programs will be required to complete a short piano placement examination. Any additional placement exams will administered to admitted students during Orientation or at the beginning of classes.


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