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Applying for Regular Admission, Non-Degree Admission, Readmission

Graduate applicants who intend to pursue a degree program must apply for regular admission. The vast majority of students apply to enter their program of choice in the Fall term. Winter term admission is subject to availability in a specific program.

To Apply

  1. Apply to the Rackham Graduate School online. Upload your statement of purpose/personal statement, resumé, and current transcripts with the application.
  2. Create an Artistic Profile to upload materials required specifically for the program to which you're applying. (resumé, repertoire list, pre-screening recordings, three letters of recommendation, etc.)


To be eligible for equal consideration, we must receive your complete application by the deadline posted on the appropriate department page.


Application & Audition Fees


Graduate Application Fee, Domestic

Graduate Application Fee, International





Late Fee (applications submitted after the deadline)




Artistic Profile




All fees are non-refundable and payable by credit card.


Submitting Application Materials

Upload all of your credentials online with the graduate application and Artistic Profile.

Send electronic documents to for any materials you need to send after applying.


Non-Degree Admission

If you wish to elect graduate courses to increase your knowledge, improve your professional skills, or to test your capabilities in a graduate setting, but do not wish to pursue a degree, you may apply for admission as a Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD). Admission requirements are the same as for regular admission. NCFD status carries no implication with respect to subsequent regular admission to any graduate program.

All course elections of NCFD students are subject to the availability of faculty time and classroom space. Normally only full-time NCFD students are eligible for performance instruction. Students seeking NCFD status must apply on-line using the Graduate Application. NCFD programs are indicated by area of interest and "Non Candidate for Degree." 


Any continuing degree-seeking student who has not been enrolled for twelve months or more must apply for readmission. No application fee is charged for students seeking readmission. Please obtain an Application for Readmission, Change of Program, or Dual Degree, from the Graduate School.

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