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Necessary Information & Documentation

Your credentials are requested via the online application and your Artistic Profile.

Requested via the online application

Unofficial Transcripts

  • Grad school applicants must upload a transcript from each previous college or university attended.
  • If you currently have coursework in progress, an official transcript with final grades and your degree posted will be required before your enrollment at U-M.

Unofficial Test Scores


    International applicants are required to demonstrate proficiency in English through official results of the TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB.

    Upload English language test scores to allow for quicker, preliminary processing of your application.

    Official scores results must also be sent directly from the testing agency by December 1.

Social Security number

Social Security number is optional, but it is important for helping us match the application and financial aid materials you may submit. If you do not have a Social Security number, leave this space blank. Do not enter a National ID issued by another country.


Requested with your Artistic Profile

Resumé and Photograph/Headshot

  • Upload a professional resumé detailing your training and experience.
  • Upload a recent photograph or a headshot.

Repertoire List (required in performance)

  • Upload a comprehensive repertoire list of works studied on your principal instrument or voice. Solo and chamber music should be included.
  • A separate list of proposed audition repertoire.
  • This requirement is optional for applicants in Composition and the Summer MM in Music Education.

Preference for Audition/Interview Dates

  • An audition, interview, or portfolio review is required for every Master of Music or Specialist in Music program.
  • Review the available dates for your program for your first and second choice preference.


  • Three written recommendations must be submitted by persons who are familiar with your work and who can provide information concerning your qualifications for graduate study.
  • At least one recommendation must be from your major professor, advisor, or department chair.
  • Music Education applicants should submit a recommendation from a supervisor or principal who has observed your teaching.
  • The Artistic Profile will prompt an applicant's recommenders to submit their recommendations electronically once the profile has been submitted to SMTD.  Alternatively, a recommender may submit a hard copy recommendation form
  • Persons applying for Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) admission need not submit recommendations.

Academic Writing

  • Statement of Purpose (all applicants)

    Discuss how a particular performance has influenced your thinking about the relevance of music to contemporary life and culture.  This may be a performance you attended or one in which you participated.

    If you are seeking Non Candidate for Degree (NCFD) status, in a separate statement, give your specific objectives in wishing to enroll.

Departmental Requirements

  • Pre-screening recordings, portfolio, studio teacher preferences, video interview, and/or additional writing samples may also be required by your Department.

Take note...

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

  • GRE scores are not required for any Master of Music or Specialist in Music programs, except the Specialist in Music degree in Ethnomusicology.

UMID Number

  • A few days after you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email from our office, which will include your eight-digit UMID. This number will be uniquely yours and will be helpful in subsequent communication with the U-M.


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