MPulse Dance Institute Video Instructions

“Hello, I’m Robin Wilson and I’m on the faculty of the MPulse Dance Institute at the University of Michigan. In this video, we will show you the exercises that you need to perform if you are auditioning by video instead of auditioning in-person at our Ann Arbor campus this March. You will also need to submit a video of yourself in performance.

Please follow these instructions very carefully, and please know that you will not be evaluated on the quality of the video itself. The goal is simple: Clean articulation of your movement so that your work can be seen. MPulse is committed to recruiting a diverse group of individuals. Some of you may have more training in ballet or modern than others, or may have improvisational and/or choreographic strengths. Through the parameters of your instructional video and your solo, we encourage you to showcase yourself in your area of expertise. And now, let’s meet Jimi and Alexis, who will be demonstrating these exercises for you.”