Jazz Institute

The Jazz Institute is open to students in grades 9-11 during the academic year. All instruments are welcome to apply.

U-M Faculty Director: Professor Dennis Wilson

July 8 – 14, 2018

Applications closed for 2018.

Class offerings include:

  • Improvisation skills
  • Listening skills
  • Jazz history
  • Applied instrument training
  • Theory/musicianship classes
  • Creative collaboration with other MPulse sessions
  • Small group (combo) performance

Note: Audition requirements for your specific instrument are listed below.

Performance (Upload)

All instruments (excluding piano, guitar, bass, and drums)

Upload a recording including the following three components:

  1. Seven major scales of your choice (seven different keys)
  2. Three harmonic and/or melodic minor scales of your choice using eighth notes (quarter = 120)
  3. And, one of the following three options:

Option 1 (Recommended)

A recording of you performing a melody (head) and improvised solo to either a blues, rhythm changes, or standard jazz tune, either with a combo or play-a-long recording.

Option 2

A recording of you performing a jazz etude to demonstrate proficiency on your instrument in the jazz style. For example; a jazz etude, a bebop head, or a transcription of a solo.

Option 3

A recording of you performing an etude or other piece (any style) to demonstrate proficiency on your instrument.

Piano, Guitar, and Bass

Upload a recording including the following two components:

  1. Walk a bass line or comp chords for an F or Bb blues, either with a combo or play-a-long recording.
  2. Improvise a solo if possible.

(Rhythm section players must be albe to read the appropriate clefs for their instruments.)


Upload a recording including the following components:

  • Demonstrate playing the following styles:
  • Swing (sticks and brushes)
  • Bossa nova
  • Samba
  • Ballad

Recommendation (Upload)

(Optional) You may have one of your current music teachers (school teacher or private teacher) assess your work in a letter of recommendation. In addition to your musical abilities, the letter may discuss your personal characteristics such as initiative, dependability, and your commitment to increasing your musical skills. To invite a recommender, submit your recommender’s email address, when prompted, on the audition upload link. Once you submit your audition (by selecting Final Submit), the recommender will receive a notification and link to use for sending your confidential recommendation. E-mailed submissions will not be accepted.

Priority deadline for all application/audition materials is February 9, 2018. Admission notifications for priority applicants will be e-mailed on March 23, 2018.

Late applications may be accepted while space is available, however priority will be given to applications received by the priority deadline. Admission and notification after the priority deadline will be on a rolling basis.

Decisions will not be given by phone.

Application Fee

$75 non-refundable


$1,175 (one week session)

Tuition fee includes instruction, room and board, and materials specific to each program. Final tuition payment must be received 30 days from notification of acceptance into the program, but no later than May 1, 2018, or the student’s acceptance may be cancelled. Payments should be made by credit card (preferred method), check or money order payable to The University of Michigan.

Enrollment Deposit

Admitted students are required to submit a $200 deposit to secure their enrollment ($500 deposit for Musical Theatre Workshop and Center Stage Strings.) Enrollment deposits are due approx. two weeks from the date of acceptance notification. Enrollment deposits will be credited against the tuition balance.

Cancellation Fees

Students who are offered admission but choose not to attend must notify the MPulse office in writing within two weeks of the acceptance notification. If a student needs to withdraw from MPulse after full or partial tuition has been paid, a written request is required and the tuition paid will be refunded in the following amounts:

  • Prior to May 1: All tuition paid will be refunded minus the non-refundable deposit
  • From May 1 until June 1: All tuition paid will be refunded minus 50% of total tuition due
  • From June 1 until June 24: All tuition paid will be refunded minus 75% of total tuition due
  • After June 24, if a student withdraws, no refund will be given