Youth and Adult Programs

Youth & Adult Community Programs (YAP) is a division of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance which connects the School and its resources to the community. YAP offers high-quality performing arts programming in three different areas: Youth Education, Adult Learning, and Community Outreach. Our programs derive their standard of excellence from faculty leadership; student and alumni involvement; and local, national, and international community engagement. Several of our programs trace their historical roots back to Dr. William Revelli in the 1930s, and new programs are developing every year. Each of our programs is led by esteemed University faculty and involves U-M students and alumni while serving the greater Michigan and international communities. Programs run during the school year and throughout the summer.

Youth Programs

Explore the options for school-year and summer programs for pre-college students.

School-year programs

Summer Programs

Adult Programs

SMTD provides a series of adult programs that take place during the summer, and range from 3 to 7 day intensives. These programs sometimes require an audition for admittance, and are specifically designed for adults aged 18 and older that are working towards promoting their skills in a focused career area. These programs may be taken for professional development enrichment without college credit, or for graduate credit (NCFD).

Community Outreach

School of Music, Theatre & Dance is committed to enriching the lives of community members by providing meaningful access to the resources and activities occurring within the University, along with providing exciting programs throughout the local community and the state of Michigan.


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Ways to Connect

Sarah Rau Director of Engagement & Outreach

Robin Myrick Community Outreach Program Manager

Emily Lamoreaux Youth & Adult Programs Manager

Brittany Nicol Engagement & Outreach Program Assistant