Bachelor of Music in Music Theory

Department of Music Theory

Designed for students who wish to balance theoretical and applied approaches to the study of music. Elected courses range from developing musical craft (such as counterpoint, improvisation, and music composition) to aesthetics, music cognition, and music technology. Applicants should have an extensive background in performance or composition, work in basic theory, and background in a keyboard instrument.


The Bachelor of Music in Music Theory requires a minimum of 120 credits: coursework is 75% within SMTD and 25% within the liberal arts. SMTD coursework to include:

  • Private study in Music Theory
  • Music Theory
  • Musicology
  • Ensemble participation
  • Piano
  • Composition

Degree requirements and term-by-term layout for current students.

How To Apply

Note: the Bachelor of Music in Music Theory does not accept applications for new freshmen. All applicants must be transfer students from other U-M units or from other institutions. All applicants must have completed significant collegiate-level theory courses before applying.

Applicants must:

  • Apply to U-M via the Common Application (current U-M students should use the Cross-Campus Transfer Application) by December 1
  • Submit an SMTD Artistic Profile by December 1 for a live audition
    • submit by January 15 for a recorded audition
  • Have all supplemental materials sent to the U-M Office of Undergraduate Admissions

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