Specialist in Music in Collaborative Piano

Department of Piano

Designed for students seeking thorough preparation for careers as chamber musicians, accompanists, and teachers. Applicants must possess a master’s degree in piano or its equivalent, substantial solo and ensemble repertoire, and  elementary proficiency in one (Program I) or two (Program II) languages.


The Specialist in Music in Collaborative Piano requires a minimum of 30 credits. Two programs are available to students; coursework to include:

Program I: Collaborative Piano

  • Private piano lessons
  • Seminar in Performance Problems
  • Two recitals
  • Piano Literature
  • Chamber Music Studies
  • Electives

Program II: Vocal Accompanying and Coaching

  • Private piano lessons
  • Seminar in Performance Problems
  • Two recitals
  • Opera or Opera Workshop
  • Interpretation of Songs
  • Proficiency in diction and translation of a third standard foreign language
  • Electives

For requirement details, please see the Degree Requirements and Term-by-Term Layout for Current Students.

How To Apply

Applicants must:

  • apply to U-M via the SMTD Graduate Application by December 1
  • Submit an SMTD Artistic Profile by December 1
  • Have all supplemental materials sent to SMTD

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