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Currents & Crossings

Choreography by guest Richard Alston and faculty Jessica Fogel, Sandra Torijano, and Robin Wilson


Department of Dance

February 5 - 8, 2015Power Center

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Highlighting Currents and Crossings, a concert of modern dance, is Brisk Singing (1997) by British choreographer Richard Alston, CBE. Brisk Singing is a lyrical and energetic dance set to excerpts of the opera Les Boréades by Jean-Philippe Rameau. Alston is internationally renowned for his instinctive musicality and pure dance aesthetic. The New York Times declared “…Alston’s style – the way he responds to sound, rhythm and phrasing; the way he sculptures a dancer’s body in space; the tripping intricacy of the footwork he gives is performers — is compellingly unusual. There are few choreographers who give you this density of movement and this sophistication of musical response.” Jessica Fogel creates a dance based upon the elemental force of wind —its mystery and invisibility, its congruence with our inner breath and spirit, its potential as a powerful energy source, and its ability to shape and transform. Intrigued by the African tradition of bottle trees, Robin Wilson explores the stories and spirits released from the bottles as they are shattered in the wind through dance and the spoken word. A work by Sandra Torijano rounds out the program.

Brisk Singing is funded in part by an Internationalizing the Curriculum grant from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.



Artistic Staff

Artistic Director Judy Rice
Scenic Designer Jeff Bauer
Costume Designer Jeff Bauer
Lighting Designer Mary Cole
Sound Designer Roger Arnett
Stage Manager  


Check out an excerpt of Alston's Brisk Singing.




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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower