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Dancelucent 2012

Choreography by guest Lucinda Childs with

faculty Bill DeYoung, Peter Sparling, and Robin Wilson

University Dance Company

Power Center

February 2 - 5, 2012


The University Dance Company celebrates Dancelucent 2012, an evening of modern dance featuring four innovative works. Highlighting the evening is Dance #1, the twenty-minute first section of Dance, guest artist Lucinda Child’s ground breaking 1979 work. Featuring music by Philip Glass, Dance #1 creates an evocative juxtaposition of past and present, weaving repetitive motion into complex patterns in a minimalist style that remains as vibrant and edgy as when it first premiered. Childs created Dance #1 after collaborating with Glass and Robert Wilson on the 1976 opera, Einstein on the Beach. She will be in Ann Arbor working with Glass and Wilson on a revival of Einstein on the Beach under UMS’s auspices in January 2012. Peter Sparling utilizes the interplay between video and live dance in his new work, Forest Through the Trees, an exploration of how one sees a group of dancers through the juxtaposition of their individual danced video signatures. The work invokes Gertrude Stein’s extended ode to repetition and identity in The Making of Americans. Robin Wilson creates a new dance that explores the metaphysical concept of light. A work from faculty Bill DeYoung rounds out the program.



Dancelucent 2012 graphic by Don Hammond

Artistic Staff

Artistic Director Judy Rice
Costume Designer Suzanne Young
Lighting Designer Mary Cole
Stage Manager

Emily Stromberg


Click here to view photos from Dancelucent 2012


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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower