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The Crucible

a drama by Arthur Miller

Miller’s Tony Award-winning indictment of extremism

Department of Theatre & Drama

Arthur Miller Theatre

March 31 - April 10, 2011


The Story:  In the rigid Puritan society of Salem, Massachusetts, a group of teenage girls is stricken by a mysterious illness. When no earthly cause can be found, the girls rock the village with accusations of witchcraft against their neighbors. Hysteria quickly consumes the town bringing more and more charges – even singling out the most pious members of the church. As a few residents try to stem the loss of reason, some exploit the fear for their own gain, while others get caught up in the politics of maintaining religious and societal control. In the midst of the madness, the accused struggle to maintain integrity of their souls while determining if they must conform in order to survive.

The Background:  Initially written in response to the hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activitiesin the 1950s, The Crucible touches on the Miller’s unique artistic vision — theater about ethics, morals, religion, political issues, and the consequences of history. The work is Miller’s most frequently performed work at home and around the world. Miller perhaps put it best, “The play seems to present the same primeval structure of human sacrifice to the furies of fanaticism and paranoia that goes on repeating itself forever.” A compelling, scathing indictment on the perils of religious and political extremism, The Crucible has an enduring timeliness that exposes the dark corners of human nature in the name of moral certainty.


Josh Berkowitz (West Bloomfield, MI), Alli Brown (Bloomfield Township, MI),
Reed Campbell (San Francisco, CA), Erin Cousins (Traverse City, MI),
Shannon Eagen (Southfield, MI), Carrie Fisk (Grosse Pointe, MI),
Jeffrey Owen Feelon, Jr. (Chicago, IL), Arielle Goldman (Potomac, MD),
Melissa Golliday (St. Joseph, MI), Casey Hanley (Mill Valley, CA),
Elly Jarvis (St. Cloud, MN), Devin Lytle (Atlanta, GA),

Nathan Magyar (Dexter, MI), Philip Maxwell (Portage, MI),

Jesse Peri (Stinson Beach, CA), Kris Reilly (Detroit, MI),
Anna Robinson (Brooklyn, NY), Brian Rosenthal (Harrisburg, PA),
Nick Strauss (Weston, CT), Brittany Uomoleale (Westport, CT),
Kendra Williams (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

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Artistic Staff

Director Jerry Schwiebert
Scenic Designer Adam McCarthy
Costume Designer Marguerite Woodward
Lighting Designer

Adam McCarthy

Andrew Lott

Sound Designer Colin Fulton
Stage Manager

Carolyn Reich


Crucible II


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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower