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Trafford Tanzi

By Claire Luckham

Music by Chris Monks

“The most splendid, dynamic piece of raucous, musical entertainment since The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” — London Daily Mail

Department of Theatre & Drama

Arthur Miller Theatre

April 1 - 11, 2010


The Story: Set in a WWE style wrestling ring, Trafford Tanzi tells the story of Tanzi, a young woman from a working class English area of Manchester, as she — literally — wrestles her way through life. Tanzi faces her Dad, Mum, best friend, school psychiatrist, and ultimately her husband in round after round for the right to set her own destiny. Will Tanzi beat the odds and win her independence in this winner-take-all bout?

Artistic Significance: English playwright Claire Luckham wrote Trafford Tanzi in 1978 for Liverpool’s Everyman Theater, which was temporarily performing in local pubs while their theatre was under renovation. “[Wrestling] is amazing entertainment,” stated Luckham, “and worked perfectly for a pub show. …To me the really amazing thing about wrestling is the attitude of the audiences. They have come to enjoy themselves, not just to be entertained, but to provide some of the entertainment themselves.” Tanzi ultimately transferred to London’s West End and Toronto’s Free Theatre, garnering critical and audience acclaim as “one of the most delightful theatrical events of the year” (Canada’s The Globe and Mail ). Gather round the ring as Tanzi combines music, comedy, drama, and physical action in what is sure to be the rowdiest event of the season.



Referee/ Grope - Torrey Wigfield
Platinum Sue -  Erin Cousins
Tanzi's Dad - Nicholas Strauss-Matathia
Tanzi's Mum - Kelsey Lappa
Dean Rebel - Louis Marino
Trafford Tanzi - Arielle Goldman


trafford tanzi graphic

Artistic Staff

Director Malcolm Tulip
Scenic Designer Betsy Lynch
Costume Designer Andrew Hill
Lighting Designer Craig Kidwell
Stage Manager Ingrid Olson


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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower