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By Seth Moore

jonesin’ (n) – An intense craving for something or someone

A new Hopwood Award-winning play by a U-M undergraduate student

Department of Theatre & Drama

Arthur Miller Theatre

April 2 - 12, 2009


The Story: Drug dealer Terry and his girlfriend Riki have hit the big time with an alluring new product guaranteed to eliminate all your addictions without the pain of withdrawal. But the prospect of starting clean comes at a cost – a harrowing and terrifying two-day hallucinogenic journey of psychological turmoil. As Terry nurses his “clients” through the process, his own demons and insecurities emerge, particularly those in regards to his fledgling romance with Riki. Terry begins to question if feelings such as joy, power, depression, and love, which form our personality and soul, are addictive in and of themselves. When love changes from being a simple pleasurable emotion to a painful, paranoid obsession, Terry must make some difficult choices to be free of dependency.

Artistic Significance: Jonesin’ won the top prize for the 2008 Hopwood Award for Undergraduate Drama and also garnered the McIntyre Prize and Saferstein Literary Award. Department of Theatre & Drama senior Seth Moore has written plays and poetry since a young age. A number of his works have been presented in New York City by his two-man group, Prophet in your Pocket, and his most recent play, CATCH, debuted this past summer at the Cinci Fringe Festival with Transit Five Productions. The Cincinnati Conveyor declared Moore “A writer chock full of ideas and perspective.” Bleak and disturbing, Moore utilizes raw, expletive-charged language to capture a street-wise world where addiction rules. Don’t miss a gritty drama that Hopwood judges declared had “real verve, vision, and passion” by this developing playwright.

This play contains extensive profanity, sexual content, and smoking. Recommended for 18 and over.



Josh Berkowitz (West Bloomfield, MI), Emily Berman (Chicago, IL),

Seon Britton (Southfield, MI), Reed Campbell (San Francisco, CA),

Bridget Coyne Gabbe (New York, NY), Arielle Goldman (Potomac, MD),

Paul Koch (Mill Valley, CA), Louis Marino (Winsted, CT),

Tedra Millan (Bryn Mawr, PA), Anna Robinson (Brooklyn, NY),

John Samela (Winsted, CT), Yuriy Sardarov (Highland Park, IL),

Nicholas Strauss-Matathia (Weston, CT),Andrew Whipple (Mt. Pleasant, MI)


Jonesin graphic


Director Malcolm Tulip
Scenic Designer Justin N. Lang
Costume Designer Rachel Jahn
Lighting Designer Craig Kidwell
Sound Designer Henry Reynolds
Stage Manager Stephanie Shechter

Production Photos

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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower