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Theatre Presentation: Creating Original Theatre

Friday, December 8, 2017

1:00pm, Walgreen Drama Center


Creating Original Theatre is a Special Topics course for students from any discipline (including non-performance) who wish to explore ways of performing that are not restricted by traditional writing, producing or performing techniques. The studio class serves as a playground in which the performers find their own voices and create portmanteau pieces at the end of the semester. The styles might usually be referred to as Performance Art or Live Art. In the first half of the semester the students are led through weekly exercises or mini projects, creating small pieces driven by prompts from Professor Tulip. In the second half the students form small companies each of which are responsible for a 15 minute (and 22 seconds) performance window. There are no restrictions beyond no damage to the building, its fixtures and fittings or to other performers and the audience. Two of this year's pieces are in performance studios, the other two are in non-performance spaces.

"Behind Closed Doors"
Basement –various rooms
Nyah Pierson  (T&D)
Wilson Plonk, (MT)
J D Benison (LSA)
Emily Goodrich (BTA/PAME)
Hull,Jonathan   (T&D)

Studio 2
Amanda Kuo (T&D)
Mason Reeves (MT)
Claire Zimmeth (Interarts)
Spencer Haney  (PAT)
Gian Perez  (T&D)
"Office Hours"
D&P Classroom
Fee Christoph (Interarts)
Camille Johnson (Interarts)
Luby Lu (PhD Candidate Mathematics)
"Why Not"
Acting for the Camera Studio
Shaunie Lewis  (T&D)
Gian Perez  (T&D)

Free - no tickets required

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Photography Credits:

U-M Photo Services

Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower