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Carillon Symposium Opening Talk: Jeffrey Treviño, Cal State Monterey Bay

Friday, March 31, 2017

7:30pm, Earl V. Moore Building, Chip Davis Technology Studio


"Two Fists + Two Feet: Concretist Experiments in Algorithmic Composition for Carillon"

Part of U-M’s Bicentennial celebration, this is the opening talk of the 2017 Carillon Symposium entitled “Resonance & Remembrance: An Interdisciplinary Bell Studies Symposium,” which takes place across the University, March 31-April 2. For more information and to register please visit:

During the past four years, in collaboration with carillonist and contemporary carillon music champion Tiffany Ng, I have created several new algorithmically composed works for carillon, which she has widely performed at a variety of international festivals and concerts. Each work relies on a different experiment with generative pattern, and all have been realized using the Abjad API for Formalized Score Control (Baca, Oberholtzer, Trevino; 1997-present), an extension of the widely used Python programming language that enables composers to create scores via an object-oriented model of common practice western music notation. In this presentation, I demonstrate my code-based compositional process and describe the generative mechanisms underlying my work, which range from historical composition techniques — such as prolation canon and arpeggiation based on harmonic verticalities — to novel conceptual experiments, such as metaphors of rhythmic noise and melodic nesting via search algorithms. I place these abstract materials and developmental strategies in discourse with the instrument’s relatively more concrete physical and timbral restrictions, to frame the tension between abstract pattern and listened or performed physicality as a restorative force in my compositional practice.

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Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

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