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  1. Thursday November 8 7:30pm
  2. Friday November 9 8:00pm
  3. Saturday November 10 8:00pm
  4. Sunday November 11 2:00pm
Power Center for the Performing Arts

An operetta composed by Leonard Bernstein
Libretto by Richard Wilbur

University Opera Theatre directed by Matthew Ozawa
University Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kenneth Kiesler

Adapted from the 1759 novella by Voltaire, the opera follows good-natured, naïve, young Candide on his adventures across the globe. Through war, earthquakes, and other sorts of calamities, the ever-optimistic Candide and his companions cling to the philosophy that they live in “the best of all possible worlds,” even when reality intrudes. Candide takes us on a buoyant journey, searching for what we perhaps may find “in our very own garden.”

Our production celebrates the 100th birthday of composer Leonard Bernstein, whose American music crosses over traditional music disciplines. His musical compositions are renowned for brilliantly uniting diverse musical styles. Candide, first conceived in 1953 by playwright Lillian Hellman, has been performed by opera and musical-theatre companies alike. The show has undergone numerous revisions and incantations including the 1988 Scottish Opera Version, being performed by U-M. Featuring Bernstein’s most inventive and melodic score, which includes such favorites as “Glitter and Be Gay” and “Make Our Garden Grow,” Candide is story filled with lively entertainment and exceptional emotional power.

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Reserved seating $30/$24/$12 with student ID