Percussion for sale


An intensive three-year design project with professional players from around the world resulted in the TP-9000 series timpani, which features heavy-duty frames, a fine tuner and a locking hydraulic pedal mechanism. Both Dresden and Berlin type pedal systems are available with an American or German style set-up. All models feature the clear, resonant sound of the Yamaha hand-hammered bowl, as well as an extended tuning gauge, quiet mechanisms, and heavy-duty rim.

Four Yamaha 9000 timpani for sale


The YM-6000A Concert Grand Marimba is an exceptional instrument representing the ultimate in design, construction, and materials. It offers a full five-octave range of carefully aged Honduran rosewood bars, cut and tuned by hand, and features a beautifully crafted sturdy frame that is height adjustable frame by pneumatic struts, three crossbars and dual angle braces.
Yamaha 6000 marimba for sale


Pick up in Ann Arbor
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If interested or for additional information , please contact Jonathan Smith, Percussion Program Manager.