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SMTD Special Project or Event Proposals

Completing this process will give the Events Committee the information needed to assist you with your special project or event proposal. The committee represents resources of the school required to support events, and members offer a wide range of expertise to help you conceptualize, plan, and (if approved) present and execute your event.

The Events Committee was formed in 2007 in response to the need for a clear process in determining capacity of available resources to support special events and projects beyond the curriculum. The committee meets once a month to discuss proposals, to assess available resources, and to help organize and frame your event for review by the Dean and Senior Administrators (SAM).

Events Committee Members
  • Paul Feeny, Director of Ensemble Operations (chair)
  • Roger Arnett, Sound and Recording Engineer
  • Erin Burris, Scheduling Coordinator
  • Anna Darnell, Ensembles Production Coordinator
  • Rachel Francisco, Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Robert Grijalva, Director and Assistant Professor of Piano Technology
  • Jennifer Knapp, Department Administrator, Theatre & Drama
  • Brandon Monzon, Communications Generalist
  • Sarah Rau, Program Manager Arts Education
  • Mary-Alice Wiland, Faciltiies Manager
  • TBD, Department Administrator, Dance


Do I need to submit this proposal?

The Google spreadsheet calendar link is distributed annually and identifies all of SMTD’s “Usual and Customary“ events that do not require submission of a special project or event proposal. These are established concerts and activities that satisfy curricular objectives or have been previously approved as annual events that we support. If, however, your “usual and customary“ event requires extraordinary use of student time, it will be subject to approval by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic, Faculty, & Student Affairs and the Executive Committee; click here for the relevant form. Review a current list of Usual and Customary Events.

Faculty, guest, and student recitals; master classes; lectures; and recordings are also viewed within the scope of “Usual and Customary” if they meet the following timelines, requirements, and policies established through the SMTD Scheduling Office:

See scheduling policies
  • May not require resources beyond available equipment (chairs/stands), piano assigned to the space, tuning as part of regular schedule, or any other self-carried personal or studio-managed instruments.
  • Must be presented in an available and appropriate space.
  • Must be scheduled within standard dress rehearsal and/or recital time blocks for performance halls, avoiding conflicts whenever possible.
  • Must require no additional funding.
  • Must not require publicity beyond the printed and online events calendar.
  • May not be reserved on university breaks, study or exam days if student participation or attendance is expected.


All school-sponsored “Special Projects or Events” (i.e., not “Usual and Customary”) must be officially approved by the Dean’s office via submission of the following proposal form.  Per University policy, SMTD faculty, staff, and students may not reserve facilities and/or resources for personal use, or outside professional use with a group/activity unrelated to university business, without a rental contract and payment of any fees where applicable.

If you have questions about the above policies or are unsure if your project or event will meet these requirements, please e-mail


If your event or project is NOT "Usual and Customary"

continue the submission process

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