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Recording Project Proposals: Important Guidelines

Please provide the information requested in the form at the link below. Completing this form begins the process that will determine how (or whether) to proceed with the proposed project. After this form is received and reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule your recording and provide further details relative to logistics and budget.


Recordings, like any event, may not be reserved on university breaks, study or exam days if student participation or attendance is expected.


  • You must be a U-M SMTD faculty member to reserve SMTD facilities for recording at no charge. Recording time access for current students is limited to the rules of the SMTD Scheduling Office.
  • Overnight use or security is not guaranteed without written approval from the Scheduling office. You are responsible for the care of the facility during the entirety of your reservation time.
  • Classroom and piano keys may be checked out during normal business hours from Tom Erickson in Room 2266 Moore (
  • A shortcode must be provided to cover moving costs where applicable, tuning expenses if you plan to use piano in the space you are reserving, or rental expense to move a piano for your needs. Weekend or evening tunings are not provided without prior written approval from Bob Grijalva.
  • No recordings requiring pianos or other school instruments or resources may be scheduled on the following dates without prior written approval:
    • Labor Day Weekend (Friday at 5pm through Tuesday at 8am)
    • December 24 though the Monday before classes begin in winter term
    • Spring break (Friday at 5pm through the week of break until Monday at 8am)
    • Memorial Day weekend (Friday at 5pm through Tuesday at 8am)
    • July 4th

go to the Recording Project Proposal Form
Your U-M Kerberos password will be required.

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