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Percussion Studio Guest Artists


The University of Michigan Percussion Program is fortunate to be able to bring in a number of guest artists every year, allowing percussion students regular interaction and instruction from successful professionals in the field. Guest artist visits include everything from clinics, lessons, masterclasses, and soloist appearances with the percussion ensemble, to extended multi-day residencies.




Christopher Lamb - Principal Percussionist, New York Philharmonic (Clinic)

Tom Kolor - Solo Percussionist/ Talujon Percussion/ Univ. of Buffalo (Clinic/Recital)

NanaFormosa - Percussion Duo - Taiwan (Recital/Masterclass)

Nicholas Papador - Solo Percussionist/Noiseborder Ensemble/Univ. of Windsor (Recital/Clinic)

Ensemble Duniya - World Percussion Chamber Ensemble (Concert/Clinics)

Quey Percussion Duo - Gene Koshinski and Tim Broscious (Recital)

Yamakiya Taiko Ensemble - Fukishima, Japan (Masterclass)

Mike Truesdell - NYC Freelancer/Solo Percussionist (Clinic)


Jacob Nissly - Principal Percussionist, San Fransisco Symphony (Masterclass)

Yousif Sheronick - World Percussionist/ Ethos Percussion Group(Masterclass/Performance)

Mark Berry - Western Kentucky University/ Owner, Living Sound Triangles (Guest Lecture)

Aiyun Huang - Solo Percussionist/McGill University (Lecture/ Recital)


Steven Mackey - Princeton University (Guest Composer Residency)

Julie Spencer - International Marimba Soloist (Masterclass)

Pandit Samar Saha - Tabla Virtuoso (Masterclass)

Eric Schweikert- Principal Timpanist, Fort Wayne Philharmonic (Mock Audition)

George Nickson - Principal Percussionist, Sarasota Orchestra (Masterclass on Charles Wuorinen's Jannisary Music)

David Locke - Tufts University/African Music Scholar (Ewe Drumming Workshop)

Mark Stone - Oakland University (Embaire Clinic/Lecture)

Brian DelSignore - Principal Percussionist, Houston Symphony (Clinic)

Clocks in Motion Percussion Group - (Concert and Career Discussion)


Christopher Lamb - Principal Percussionist, New York Philharmonic (Masterclass)

Sandeep Das, Shane Shanahan, Mark Suter - Silk Road Ensemble (Masterclass)

Jacob Nissly - Principal Percussionist, Cleveland Orchestra (Mock Audition)

Doug Perkins - Meehan/Perkins Duo, Multi-Percussionist (Masterclass)

Joe Becker - Principal Percussionist, Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Interview/ Discussion)

Salvatore Rabbio - Former Principal Timpanist, Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Masterclass and Lessons)

Mayumi Hama - International Marimba Soloist (Masterclass and Lessons)

Christopher Froh - Freelancer, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (Masterclass and Lessons)

Jim Casella & Murray Gusseck - Co-Founders, Tapspace Publications (Skype Masterclass)

Jason Markzon - Principal Percussionist, Fort Wayne Philharmonic (Mock Audition)

IKTUS Percussion - Guest Artist Concert

Fradreck Mujuru and Samuel Mujuru - Mbira Masters (Guest Masterclass/Performance)

Aly Keita - Balaphone Master (Masterclass/Performance)


Cynthia Yeh - Principal Percussionist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (Masterclass & Group Lessons)

Jack Van Geem - Principal Percussionist, San Fransisco Symphony (Masterclass)

Trey Wyatt - Section Percussionist, San Fransisco Symphony (private lessons)

Eric Shin - Acting Principal Percussionist, Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Orchestral Mock Audition)

Rony Barrak - Darrabuka Virtuoso (Masterclass)

Alexander Radziewski - Timpanist, Hamburg Philharmonic (Masterclass)

Mantra Percussion (NYC) - Michigan Premiere performance of Michael Gordon's TIMBER (Performance and workshop)

Eric Schweikert - Acting Principal Timpanist - Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Clocks in Motion Percussion Group - complete performance of Xenakis' Pleadies

Dan Piccolo - Freelancer, Percussion Director - Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor ("Split finger Technique" Frame Drum Clinic)


Dr. Kwasi Ampene (former Professor of Ethnomusicology -U. of Colorado, current director of UM Center for World Performance Studies with Kwame Owusu, Lucas Kumah, and Kofi Atta - former members of the Ghana National Dance Company

Alan Abel - Former Percussionist, Philadelphia Orchestra - Emeritus, Temple University (Charles Owen Memorial Residency)

Gwen Burgett Thrasher - Michigan State University and Ayano Kataoka University of Massachusets (Duo Recital)

Shannon Wood - Principal Timpanist, Grand Rapids Symphony (Masterclass)

Payton MacDonald - Percussionist, Alarm Will Sound, Marimba and Super Marimba artist (Masterclass and Performances)

Due East - flute and percussion duo (Masterclass and Recital)

Mark Stone - Biyakuye, Oakland University (Fontonfrom Drumming Masterclass)


Trey Wyatt and David Herbert - San Francisco Symphony

Ya-Chi Cheng - San Antonio Symphony

Pandit Samar Saha - tabla

Anthony DiSanza - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Keith Terry - body percussionist

Spectrum Trio - World Percussion Performance

Haruka, Rika, and Mutsuko Fujii - marimbists

Sao Paulo University Percussion Ensemble

Gareth Farr - composer


Markus Rhoten and Daniel Druckman - New York Philharmonic

Daniel Bauch - Boston Symphony Orchestra

Bob Becker - NEXUS

Anthony Di Sanza - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mark Stone - Oakland University, Steel Pan

Biakuye - African Music and Dance Ensemble

Mark Suter - Silk Road Ensemble

Doug Walter - University of Colorado-Boulder

Ken Wolin - Percussionist, President's Own Marine Band


Christopher Deviney - Principal Percussionist, Philadelphia Orchestra (Residency – Charles Owen Memorial Masterclass)            

Evelyn Glennie - International Percussion Soloist (Masterclass, clinics, and film screening)

Filippo Lattanzi - Marimbist (clinic)

Ft. Lewis College Percussion Ensemble - American Gamelan concert

Matthew Duvall - Percussionist, Eighth Blackbird (Residency)

Michael Spiro - World Percussionist (Residency - lessons, clinic, and performance)

David Herbert - Principal Timpanist, San Francisco Symphony (Masterclass)


Alan Abel - Philadelphia Orchestra, Emeritus (residency - lessons, masterclass, and soloist with Percussion Ensemble)

Russel Hartenberger - NEXUS and Steve Reich Ensemble (residency - lessons, masterclass)

Nebojsa Zivkovic - International Percussion Artist (marimba clinic/masterclass)

Norbert Goldberg - Broadway Percussionist & LP Percussion Clinician (Clinic on Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Percussion)

Pius Cheung and Eriko Daimo - Marimba Duo (week-long residency, lessons, masterclass, concert, and recording with students)

Mayumi Hama and Christopher Froh (week-long residency, lessons, masterclass, alumni concert and CD Recording)

Ian Ding - Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Guest Performance with Percussion Ensemble)


Anthony Orlando - Percussionist, Philadelphia Orchestra (Charles Owen Memorial Masterclass)

Jim Atwood - Timpanist, Louisiana Philharmonic

Michael Colgrass - Composer/PercussionistDeviney

William Cahn (NEXUS) and Ruth Cahn (Eastman)

Payton MacDonald - Alarm Will Sound (clinic and performance)

Dr. Will Rapp cymbal clinic

Brian Jones - Principal Timpanist, Detroit Symphony Orchestra



Christopher Hardy and Shoko Araya


Nick Petrella - Director of Education, Sabian Cymbals

Neil Grover - Formerly of the Boston Symphony, Founder of Grover Percussion Products



Raynor Carroll - Principal Percussionist, Los Angeles Philarmonic

Michael Crusoe - Principal Timpanist, Seattle Symphony

Thomas V. Siwe - Guest Conductor with Percussion Ensemble

Roland Vazquez - Guest Composer/Performer

Don S. Liuzzi - Principal Timpanist - Philadelphia Orchestra

Katarzyna Mycka - International Marimba Soloist


Linda Maxey - Solo Marimbist


Janis Potter - Solo Marimbist                          

Tomoko Azuma (marimbist) (Soloist with Percussion Ensemble)              

Brian Zator - marimbist (Soloist with Percussion Ensemble)



Mark Berry - guest conductor of Percussion Ensemble

Jonathan Ovalle - guest conductor and marimba soloist with the Percussion Ensemble



Mark Griffith - Guest Conductor

Brian Bevelander - Guest Composer

John Polito II - Guest Composer


John Alfieri - Interlochen Arts Academy



Christopher Hardy and Shoko Araya (Chris and Shoko Percussion Duo)  



Ben Johnston - Guest Composer

Doug Walter - University of Colorado-Boulder



Trey Wyatt (marimba) soloist with Percussion Ensemble

Derek Bermel

Daniel Roumain

Mark Stone



Alan Abel (Philadelphia Orchestra) Charles Owen Memorial Masterclass and recital



Percussion Art Quartet: Wurzburg

Bruce Chaffin (xylophone)

Salvatore Rabbio (timpani)

Stephen Shipps (violin)



Michael Kowalski - guest composer

Ted Piltzecker - guest composer

Eleanor Duncan Armstrong (Flute) and Daniel Armstrong (The Armstrong Flute and Percussion Duo)


Michael Bookspan - Principal Percussionist, Philadelphia Orchestra (The Charles E. Owen Inaugural Memorial Master Class)

Kenneth Wolin


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Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

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