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Repertoire and Other Requirements for Precandidates - Tuba

The repertoire requirements for the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in tuba performance must be satisfied prior to admission to candidacy except where individual works or specific repertoire categories will be covered in the dissertation recitals. The requirement shall include an extensive selection of the important repertoire in the following categories: solo, sonata, concerto, chamber music, works with tape, and transcriptions, with emphasis on orchestral music. A list of this repertoire must be submitted for approval at the preliminary examination in performance. The student must give substantive evidence validating repertoire covered prior to enrollment in the Graduate School.

  1. Concertos: three

  2. Sonatas: three, including at least one transcription written prior to 1800

  3. Two to four other solos, unaccompanied or with piano, tape, or chamber ensemble

  4. Comprehensive knowledge of orchestral repertoire

  5. Ability to perform on contrabass and bass tubas, and euphonium

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