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Winds & Percussion Auditions & Interviews

Specific Instrumental Requirements - Euphonium

The DMA in Euphonium Performance program is closed for the fall 2016 term.


For consideration for admission to the DMA program, each applicant must first pass a pre-screening to be uploaded prior to the live audition. Select thirty minutes of repertoire from the audition repertoire listed below.

The pre-screening requirement is waived for current University of Michigan graduate euphonium majors applying to the DMA program.

Please upload your recording by December 1 for the fall term or September 15 for the winter term.

upload now


For the in-person audition, each applicant must be prepared to play the following (approval of any substitutions must be given in advance):

  1. The Joseph Horowitz Concerto or a concerto of similar difficulty
  2. The Jan Bach Concert Variations, or other solo/sonata of similar difficulty
  3. The David Gillingham Blue Lake Fantasies or other unaccompanied piece of top difficulty
  4. Band excerpts
  5. A transcription of a composition written prior to 1800
  6. All major and minor scales
  7. Sight reading is possible

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