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Specialist in Music in Performance: Voice

Prerequisites for Admission

One term each of French, German, and Italian.


  • Twelve hours of private voice instruction, to be elected each term during residence in the Specialist program
  • Presentation of a recital consisting of at least forty-five minutes of memorized music
  • At least two terms of opera production and/or opera workshops
  • At least two terms of coursework in art song, German lieder, the music of black composers, oratorio, pedagogy, or other voice literature courses
  • Elective courses in musicology, music theory, music education, conducting, composition, ensemble work, musical theatre, acting, languages, or other fields related to singing (excluding voice performance) to complete a total of thirty hours

The degree requires at least three terms of full-time enrollment, or two terms and two half-terms. Each specialist student in voice performance is required to audition for a role in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance opera production during at least two terms and, if cast, is required to perform the role, subject to the approval of his or her studio teacher.

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