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BFA in Performance - Acting Concentration: Requirements

For those who wish to work as performers in theatre, television and film.

Pre-college preparation

Significant involvement in theatre productions is recommended. Talented students without previous experience may apply.

Degree requirements

Theatre: No less than 72 credit hours, including: 172, 181, 182, 192, 250, 251, 271, 272, 274, 281, 282, 283, 291, 292, 321, 322, 323, 371, 374, 381, 382, 383, 387, 388, 395, 481, 482, 484

Listing of all Theatre Courses

School of Music, Theatre & Dance Requirements: 1 credit hour of Voice 111, 112, or 219

Non-School of Music, Theatre & Dance requirements: English 124, 125 or equivalent, either English 225 (Argumentative Writing) or an Upper Level Writing course approved by Sweetland Writing Center; English 367 or equivalent; one semester of a foreign language (or demonstrated proficiency); and electives to equal 41 hours.

School of Music, Theatre & Dance Electives:A minimum of 11 credit hours. Suggested classes include: Theatre 162, 211, 212 222, 227, 267, 327, 385, 427, 429, 435, 438, 464, 472; Musical Theatre 133, 151, 152, 153, 154, 235, 465, 466; Dance 100; Musicology 121; Ensemble 349; Voice 220.

Total credits required: No less than 122 hours.

Grades: A grade lower than a C- in any School of Music, Theatre & Dance performance class is NOT acceptable and will not fulfill degree requirements. If a student’s grade for any performance course is below a “C-“, he/she may be denied admission to any upper level performance course. At the same time, a grade of “C-“ or above does not constitute a guarantee for admission to an upper level performance course.

Productions: Each year the Theatre Department mounts 4-5 mainstage productions. Unless prior permission is obtained from the Head of Performance and the director, all BFA Acting students must audition for mainstage productions, with the following exceptions:

  • First semester freshmen do not audition for any fall semester productions.
  • Transfer students must audition for all shows.
  • Directing majors are exempt from these audition requirements.
  • All freshmen must audition for winter semester shows.
  • Bring your professional quality 8” x 10” headshot and resume to the audition.

Second-Year Evaluation: All students in the acting concentration must participate in a second year evaluation. This evaluation is mandatory, and normally takes place in the Winter term of the sophomore year, or for transfer students, during the term following one full semester completed in good standing in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. This evaluation serves as an effective means of assessing the student’s potential to complete the performance major, as well as to enter the job market or graduate school.

University of Michigan Undergraduate Admissions

BFA in Performance Student Handbook

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