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Bachelor of Theatre Arts: Requirements

For those students who wish a well-rounded and substantive theatre education. This degree allows a student the flexibility to develop a secondary (cognate) field of interest through the design of a large part of his or her program within stated guidelines and through consultation with a faculty advisor.

Pre-college preparation: Theatre experience is not required. Evidence of ability and preparation to pursue successfully those courses in the academic fields that constitute this curriculum include: four units in high school English; a minimum of 11 other units selected from social studies, foreign languages, sciences, mathematics; and graduation with a minimum of 20 units from an accredited high school.

Degree requirements:

Theatre Core:  A minimum of 42 credit hours, including: 101, 102, 211 or 402, 240, 241 or 326, 245 or 385, 250, 251, 321, 322, 323, and various credits in a theatre elective and/or the Performing Arts Management Concentration.

School of Music, Theatre & Dance Requirements: A minimum of 60 credit hours, which includes the required core, theatre electives, and SMTD electives.

Non-School of Music, Theatre & Dance requirements: A minimum of 40 credit hours, including: English 124/125 or any course that fulfills the First-Year Writing Requirement, English 225 or Upper-Level Writing course approved by Sweetland Writing Center, English 367: Shakespeare's Plays, and a Screen Arts and Cultures course at the 300 or 400 level focusing on the history or theory chosen in consultation with a BTA advisor.

BTA students must also complete 2 courses within one department of the Social Sciences or Humanities and at least 3 courses beyond the intro level in one subject area (Called a cognate concentration)

Performing Arts Management (PAM) Concentrators are required to take the BTA requirements plus: Theatre 385, Internship or practicum in Arts Management (417 or 495), Producing in the American Theatre 435, and Fundraising in the Arts or Legal Issues in Theatre (426 or 438). Cognate courses include: at least 4 courses in Accounting, Marketing, Business Law, Management and Organizations, Economics, or related subjects. Suggested electives include: ACC 300 (Financial Accounting); ACC 301 (Managerial Accounting); ACC 471 (Accounting Principles); MKT 300 (Marketing Management); MKT 311 (Advertising Management); MKT 312 (Retail Marketing Management); MO 302 (Positively Leading People and Organizations); LHC 305 (Legal Environment of Business); LHC 512 (Introduction to Business Law); ECON 101 (Principles of Economics I.

Total credits required: 120 hours.
Students dually enrolled with another school or college must complete 150 credit hours.

Individual Curriculum Plan: After two terms of study, the BTA student must submit a BTA checklist and an outline of total course study to the program advisor for approval.

Grades: A grade lower than a C- in any Theatre core curriculum course is NOT acceptable and will not fulfill degree requirements.

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