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Design & Production Minor


The Department of Theatre & Drama offers a minor in Design & Production to eligible UM students. Students enrolled in the Theatre Department's current degree programs; Performance, Directing and the BTA are not eligible for this minor, nor are the students majoring in the InterArts degree. Students will choose one of the four D&P tracks and confine their studies to that area. Students interested in this program must take two classes listed in their area of interest to become eligible for this program. At that point the student would interview with the Design & Production faculty. Students must secure written approval from their home school/college to puruse a D&P minor and must develop a plan for the minor in consultation with an advisor in the Design & Production Program.


Design & Production Course List


Minor Tracks

Scenic Design Track

THE260: Scene Design I 3
THE360: Scene Design II 3
THE460: Scene Design III 3
THE263: Rendering 3
THE464: Scene Painting 3
THE462: Drafting 3
Total Credits: 18

Lighting Design Track

THE245: Intro to Stage Management 3
THE256: Lighting Design I 3
THE356: Lighting Design II 3
THE456: Lighting Design III 3
THE251: Practicum I - Light Board Op 1
THE252: Practicum II - Focus Crew 1
THE261: Practicum III - Assistant ME 2
THE351: Practicum V - Assist. Lighting Des. 2
Total Credits: 18


Costume Design Track

THE263: Rendering 3
THE277: History of Dress 3
THE270: Costume Design I 3
THE370: Costume Design II 3
Additional credits to be chosen from:
THE470: Costume Design III (3 credits)
THE476: Costume Crafts (3)
THE452: Costume Construction (3)
THE471: Women's Pattern Drafting (3)
THE571: Men's Pattern Drafting (3)
THE172 or 472: Make-up Design (1-2)
THE251, 252: Production Practicums (1 ea.)
Total Credits 18


Stage Management Track

THE245: Intro to Stage Management 3
THE250: Intro to Tech Theatre 3
THE321 or 322: Theatre History I or II 3
THE351: Practicum V - 1st ASM 3
Additional credits to be chosen from:
THE101: Intro to Acting (3 credits)
THE240: Intro to Design (3)
THE256: Lighting Design I (3)
THE345: Stage Managing Plays (3)
THE385: Performing Arts Management (3)
THE435: Producing in American Theatre (3)
THE446: Advanced Stage Management (3) THE462: Drafting (3)
Total Credits: 18


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Photography Credits:

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Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower