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Financial Aid Information

Two kinds of financial aid are available at the University of Michigan: need-based and merit-based.

Need-based funds are administered by the university’s Office of Financial Aid.

Types of need-based aid include grants, college work-study, a variety of loan programs, and some scholarships. The School strongly encourages all applicants to apply for need-based financial aid.

1)  Entering freshmen must complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Financial Aid PROFILE ( to apply for all need-based University grants and scholarships.  Be sure to list U-M's CSS Code 1839.  The PROFILE costs $5 (nonrefundable registration fee) plus $18 for each university to which you want your information sent.

2)  Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the federal processor between January 1 and March 15 to be considered for all need-based federal and state aid programs.  Be sure to use U-M's Federal School Code 002325.  There is no cost to complete the FAFSA. 

The FAFSA form is available from high school counselors and online at

The Office of Financial Aid provides additional details on the process, award types, and notification on their website.  Click here to have a look at their information:   UM Office of Financial Aid.

The Theatre Department and University Productions have a number of Work/Study jobs for those students who have been awarded federally-funded work/study aid. From administrative duties in the office or in house management, marketing, and financial services to all sorts of backstage activities in scenery, lighting, sound, costumes, and properties, there's something for everyone. The sky's the limit and we even make the moon and stars! No experience is necessary...we'll teach you the tricks of the trade.

Merit scholarships for Theatre Department majors are administered by the Theatre Department. Merit awards are granted to continuing students after their first year in the program. The awards are based on faculty rankings of all theatre majors made during the second semester of each year.

Criteria for merit awards include:

  • student academic record
  • level of demonstrated commitment to the program
  • demonstrated production or performance skills.

For all but one merit scholarship, you do not need to make a formal application. All theatre majors are automatically ranked by faculty for award consideration. Merit scholarships are awarded on a year-by-year basis.

One merit award, however, is given on a competitive application process: the Sarah Emily Metzger Scholarship. This award recognizes and encourages students seeking a broad liberal arts education in conjunction with theatre training. Theatre majors may learn more about this scholarship and request an application by contacting the Theatre Dept. at (734) 764-5350.


Madmen and Specialists

Madmen and Specialists

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