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Bachelor of Music in Performance (Curriculum A)

The Bachelor of Music in Performance with a major in violin, viola, cello, or double bass (Curriculum A) is appropriate for those who desire a career in performance (including orchestral playing) or teaching. Students wishing to teach in elementary or secondary schools should elect the Instrumental Music Education curriculum. There is a different program for harpists.

Pre-College Music Preparation

Several years of study on your principal instrument are required; experience in orchestral and chamber music is desirable; piano study is recommended.


  • Core Curriculum
  • Election of private performance instruction in student's major instrument each term and presentation of a recital
  • Participation each term in University orchestras
  • String Quartet elected three terms for violin, viola, and cello (double bass will elect three terms of Orchestral Repertory for Strings)
  • Thirty hours of non-music courses including the University's two semester English writing requirement
  • Electives to complete a minimum of 120 hours

Information on Dual Degree Programs

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