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Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Studies in Media Arts

The CUGS program in Media Arts facilitates the advancement of outstanding University of Michigan baccalaureate candidates through completion of the Rackham graduate program, Master of Arts (M.A.) in Media Arts.  CUGS offers early admission to the M.A. in Media Arts for the exceptional student who can complete an undergraduate program in three or three and one-half years with an outstanding academic and artistic record; and who (in the judgment of both graduate and undergraduate faculty) is ready for graduate work.  A maximum of 15 credit hours of courses elected in CUGS may be counted toward both the bachelor's and the master's degrees.  The student should receive the bachelor's degree within a year of enrollment in the master's degree program.  The student typically graduates with the M.A. after two years in the CUGS program, or one year after completing the bachelor's degree.

PAT Concurrent Undergraduate/Graduate Study (CUGS) Election Form









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Joe Welsh

Peter Smith

David Smith

Glen Behring

Tom Bower