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Graduate Study in Media Arts (MA)


Degree Requirements

How to Apply for Admission

Prerequisites for Admission

Graduates of the Media Arts Program




The MA in Media Arts strives to develop artists and technologists committed to expanding the boundaries of artistic expression through digital media. The MA degree is a multi-disciplinary program integrating music, engineering, technology, and art. It develops the technical skills necessary to create artistic works incorporating music, sound, and visual arts. Our academic culture fosters open exploration, experimentation, research, and creativity spanning technical and artistic domains of time-based media.

Graduate Student Research Assistantships are available that offer a tuition waiver and stipend.

Areas of study include:

  • interactive media design
  • music technology
  • interdisciplinary collaboration
  • music performance with electronics
  • new interfaces for musical expression
  • sound and video art installation
  • acoustic and electro-acoustic music composition
  • sound engineering
  • software design for music and audio
  • psychoacoustics
  • music and sound for film

Degree Requirements


The MA degree program in Media Arts requires 36 credits: a curriculum of four required courses (12 credits), a thesis (9 credits), additional graduate coursework elected in consultation with an advisor (11 credits), and graduate-level cognate courses (4 credits). Two of the four required courses, Media Arts: Immersion and Enculturation, and Engineering Applications of Media Technology, serve to build a common understanding and vocabulary among artists and technologists. Two additional required courses, Interdisciplinary Collaboration I & II, emulate the collaborative environment emblematic of the creation of multimedia technologies and art genres. A degree audit form is also available.


Required Courses


PAT 510 Media Arts: Immersion and Enculturation (3 credit hours)
Course Description: The course details the theory and practice of music technology, interactive art forms that use technology, models of human computer interaction, and digital video and animation. Students will perform analyses of contemporary works in the media arts from aesthetic, production, technological, and artistic points of view. Students will examine the roles in the collaborative process.

PAT 511 Engineering Applications of Media Technology (3 credit hours)
Course Description: Algorithm design and analysis with applications in the sonic and visual arts; fundamental knowledge representation, formal reasoning, and search algorithms. An emphasis on fundamental computational problems in the media arts and a discussion of the introductory issues in encoding and processing style.

PAT 512 Interdisciplinary Collaboration I (3 credit hours)
Course Description: Students form teams to realize computer-based multimedia works that integrate technology, music, sound, art and moving image. Students analyze the work as an individual as well as a member of a group. The analysis details aspects of the design, role development, collaboration, aesthetic goal, artistic statement, production values, and the role of technology in the creative process.

PAT 513 Interdisciplinary Collaboration II (3 credit hours)
Course Description: A continuation of Interdisciplinary Collaboration I with an emphasis on large-scale multimedia interactive installations.

PAT 590 Thesis (1-9 credit hours)
Course Description: Supervised work on a research topic in the Media Arts approved by the student's thesis committee. Thesis guidelines document (PDF)

Complete List of Graduate Courses Offered and Descriptions

How to Apply for Admission

The deadline for applications for admission is December 1. Please see this page for more information on the application process:


Prerequisites for Admission

Incoming students should have an earned BM, BA, BFA or BS degree and experience with electroacoustic music or multimedia composition, technology-enhanced performance, production and computer programming.


Graduates of the Media Arts Program











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