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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Technology

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Performing Arts Technology is designed for students who possess demonstrated interest in music technology, electronic music composition & performance, multimedia art forms, visual arts & technology, sound recording & production, or engineering.

Pre-college Preparation

Experience in performance (both traditional and technologically enhanced), music theory, composition, mathematics, and computer programming. Some experience manipulating still and moving images using technology.


  • Twenty-nine credit hours of core Performing Arts Technology courses including
    • Freshman Seminar in the Media Arts
    • Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
    • Introduction to Computer Music
    • Computer Music Programming and Arranging
    • Creative Coding for Music
    • Sound Recording and Production I and II
    • Digital Music Ensemble
    • Electronic Chamber Music
    • PAT Seminar
  • Six Performing Arts Technology electives selected from:
    • Advanced Psychoacoustics
    • Technical Ear Training and Critical Listening
    • Advanced Sound Recording and Production I and II
    • Image, Sound, and Story
    • Practicum in Music and Sound for Film
    • Performance Systems
    • Interactive Media Design I and II
    • Digital Sound Synthesis
    • Contemporary Practices in Research and Scholarship
    • Business of Music
  • 18-credit Concentration in Engineering, Computer & Information Sciences, Visual Art, or Multidisciplinary studies; or Electives
  • Four terms of music theory including the study of the structure of primarily tonal music through ear-training and sight-singing, written work in construction and composition, and musical analysis
  • Four-six hours of musicology exploring European and American music history, as well as the sounds and concepts of many world music traditions
  • Two terms of elementary piano study
  • One term of elementary music composition study
  • Two hours of dance elective
  • Senior Thesis
  • Non-SMTD courses, including Math 105 or proficiency, the University’s two-semester English writing requirement, at least three courses in Screen Arts and Culture or Art & Design, one course in Computer Programming

Information on Dual Degree Programs

Performing Arts Technology Course Descriptions


PAT Overview: faculty members describe the program and the variety of skills students gain.

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