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Performing Arts Technology Auditions & Interviews

Department of Performing Arts Technology:
Undergraduate Auditions

All applicants to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance are required to create an Artistic Profile to demonstrate artistic preparation for their program of study. All auditions and interviews are by appointment and will be scheduled after a successful review of the complete application materials.

Portfolio Requirements

Every Performing Arts Technology degree requires the submission of a portfolio by December 1, and subsequent interview with the Performing Arts Technology faculty. The Bachelor of Music in Music and Technology (Curriculum A) also requires an audition. Audition requirements are listed under the specific instrument or voice entry.

After a preliminary review of portfolios, a select number of applicants will be invited for on-campus interviews.

Portfolios are due by December 1.

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Performing Arts Technology Portfolio Requirements by Degree

(updated September 2017)


BM, BFA & BS Portfolio Requirements: Please upload the following four items accompanied by a brief description of each (including filename, your motivation for the work, and the equipment and techniques used). All sound files must be uncompressed stereo audio, 16-bit resolution, with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz (CD quality).

  • A recording of you singing or performing on a traditional instrument, preferably with other instruments.
  • An arrangement of any fugue movement by J.S. Bach orchestrated for electronic instruments. Note: for the fugue, we encourage you to use any combination of sysnthesized digital sounds, MIDI-triggered samples, noise, found sound, sound effects, audio processing and plugins, layering, editing, or any other resources commonly found in audio and music software. You are welcome to use an existing MIDI file/score as your starting point. There is no "correct" way to complete this portfolio item. Experiment and have fun with it.

Pick two additional items from the following list:

  • One example of an original composition (two to five minutes long) for electronic instruments and digital sounds.
    Note: an electronic composition does not require a notated score. Some sounds (sound effects, filter sweeps, noise) may be impossible to notate in a musical score.
  • A recording of an original composition (two to five minutes long) for one or more acoustic instruments and/or voices accompanied by a notated score.
    Notes: an acoustic composition recording can be a MIDI mockup created with software instruments. You are welcome to fulfill the performance requirement by performing on your composition.
  • Two stereo recordings that you have engineered that represent contrasting musical styles.
    Note: the recordings should be produced primarily from microphone signals. Original compositions are encouraged but not required. These two stereo recordings count as one item. You are welcome to fulfill the performance requirement by performing on your recordings.
  • An original video (up to five minutes in length) such as a music video, live concert, animation, short film, video installation.
  • Original sound design, composition, or recording for visual media.
  • Documentation (video, audio, and/or still images) of a performance with electronic music hardware or an interactive system of your own design.


The Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering also has higher academic requirements for admission than other SMTD degrees. We require at least a 3.5 GPA in high school academic courses, and either an SAT math sub score of 630 or better, or an ACT math sub score of 28 or better. It is also important that students have:

  • extensive coursework in mathematics, preferably through at least pre-calculus
  • extensive coursework in natural science, with demonstrated aptitude
  • experience with music theory and ear training
  • high level proficiency on an acoustic instrument
  • some experience with sound reinforcement and multitrack recording

Questions regarding these requirements should be directed to the Office of Admissions at the School of Music, Theatre & Dance (734.763.5112).

Audition Schedule and Application Deadline Dates

Principal Instruments - BM in Music & Technology

General Undergraduate Audition and Interview Information



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