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Bachelor of Musical Arts

This degree allows students the flexibility to develop secondary (cognate) fields of interest through the design of a large part of their programs within stated guidelines and through consultation with a faculty adviser. Applicants are asked to explain their educational and professional goals in the application. Outlines of the curriculum requirements are listed below, but students will customize their program to fit personal goals.


Each undergraduate student enrolled in a Bachelor of Musical Arts program completes the Core Curriculum, plus the following:

  • A minimum of ten hours in composition, jazz & contemporary improvisation, musicology, music theory, or a minimum of six semester hours in performance beyond the Core
  • Sixty to eighty credit hours in music
  • Forty to sixty non-music credit hours including two courses within one department of social sciences or humanities and at least three courses beyond the introductory level in a cognate field for a minimum of nine hours

Information on Dual Degree Programs

"The Wheel of Fortune" from The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart by Peter Eben

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