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Rackham Graduate Requirements and Dates

Application Requirements

To be considered for the DMA Organ & Harpsichord programs, all applicants must complete the Rackham Application and submit an Artistic Profile by December 1. For more information about the application process and its requirements, please see our Rackham Application Procedure.


Audition Policy

Upon a favorable evaluation of your materials, an in-person audition may be scheduled in Ann Arbor. Those who have been invited to audition will be notified by the Auditions Coordinator via email. The required audition repertoire can be found listed by instrument below.


Audition Requirements

Harpsichord (DMA)

In-person Audition Requirements

Prepare a program that includes a 16th-century work, a 17th-century French suite with a prélude non mesuré, a toccata and contrapuntal work of Frescobaldi, a larger work of J.S. Bach, an ordre of François Couperin, and two sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. Memorization is not required.


Organ (DMA Performance & Sacred Music)

In-Person Audition Requirements

Prepare a minimum of twenty minutes of music including:

  • A major work of J.S. Bach (e.g., a prelude and fugue, trio sonata, large chorale prelude, or equivalent)
  • A composition of the Romantic period
  • A contemporary composition

Memorization is recommended if you are applying for admission to the DMA Organ Performance program, but is optional if you are applying in Sacred Music.

Organs at the U-M

Audition Schedule and Application Deadline Dates

General Rackham Graduate Audition and Interview Information

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