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Undergraduate Requirements and Dates

Applicants should have an extensive background in performance or composition, college coursework in music theory with no grades less than a "B," and a background in a keyboard instrument. Freshman applicants without college credits in music theory should not apply as a Music Theory major. Current School of Music, Theatre & Dance students should apply after completing the music theory core curriculum.

Students must complete these requirements in addition to an audition on a principal instrument or voice following the guidelines listed below.

All applicants should submit two or three examples of English writing and one of either of the following: an original composition or a musical analysis. Send these written materials to the School of Music, Theatre & Dance Office of Admissions at least four (4) weeks before the desired audition date.

The audition day will include individual appointments for a keyboard harmony exam, a theory exam on part-writing and analysis, and an audition on your principal instrument or voice.


Audition Schedule and Application Deadline Dates


Principal Instruments

General Undergraduate Audition and Interview Information


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