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The interests of our ethnomusicology and historical musicology students are wide-ranging historically and globally.


Nathinee Chucherdwatanasak, Historical Musicology

Research Interests

Southeast Asian contemporary composers, American-Asian composers, 21st-century music

Kristen Clough, Historical Musicology

Research Interests

20th century France with a special focus on vocal and stage music

Casper Chan, Ethnomusicology

Kathryn B. Cox, Historical Musicology

Research Interests

Popular music, 1960s-1980s British rock, late 19th/early 20th century music, Indian classical music, affect theory, and music and memory

Lisa Decenteceo, Ethnomusicology

Research Interests

Music of the Philippines and the intellectual and epistemology of post-colonial, Non-western ethnomusicology

Jessica H. Grimmer, Historical Musicology

Working Dissertation Title

Cultural Battlefields: Music Conservatoires of the French Provinces under the Nazi Occupation and Vichy Regime

Research Interests

20th century music and politics, institutional and organizational studies, music surrounding and responding to the Holocaust, and 20th century non-tonal techniques

Anne Heminger, Historical Musicology

Working Dissertation Title

Confession Carried Aloft: Music, Sound, and Religious Identity in London, 1540–1560

Research Interests

Sixteenth-century England, music as ritual, early modern sensory theory, liturgy, early print culture, the intersections of music and religious reform, and early twentieth-century Baltic music

Michaela Judkins, Historical Musicology

Meredith Juergens, Historical Musicology

Research Interests

20th century music and transnationalism, American music with a particular emphasis on stage works from 1920 and 1950, music and dance, and music as performance

Ho-Chak Law, Ethnomusicology

Research Interests

Chinese music history and theory, Chinese instrumental music in the 20th century and onward, Chinese opera, Chinese musical notations, film music, Javanese gamelan, theories of ethnicity and nationalism, and media technologies

Lena Leson, Historical Musicology

Research Interests

20th century music for dance in the United States, Europe and Russia; the ballets of George Balanchine and Igor Stravinsky; and the intersection of music and politics, particularly in the Cold War period

Elizabeth McLain, Historical Musicology

Working Dissertation Title

Catholic, Nonconformist, Surrealist, Artist: Olivier Messiaen’s Intellectual World and Aesthetic Agenda in the 1930s

Research Interests

Oliver Messiaen, 20th century music, France, and Music & Spirituality

James McNally, Ethnomusicology

Research Interests

Popular music in Brazil and the United States, with special focuses on experimental music and theories of race, nation, globalization, and media.

Patricia Josette Moss, Historical Musicology

Research Interests

19th century German music, Opera, Richard Strauss with a special focus on the Third Reich and the Second World War

Rhianna Nissen, Historical Musicology

Richard Smith, Ethnomusicology

Austin Stewart, Historical Musicology
Working Dissertation Title
Opera, Place, and Civic Boosterism in Gilded Age Denver, 1864–1893
Research Interests
Music in 19th and early 20th century America, opera in the American Great West, historic performers and reception studies, disability on the stage, nineteenth-century African American musicians and musics

Conner Vanderbeek, Ethnomusicology

Research Interests

Artists of the Punjabi and Sikh diasporas, Sikh history and politics, electronic and experimental artists in urban India, hip-hop and contemporary celebrity culture in the US

Alyssa Wells, Historical Musicology

Kai West, Historical Musicology

ChuYi Zhu, Ethnomusicology


For more information on our current students, please visit the University of MIchigan Society for Music Research website.

Important deadlines for current students

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