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Historical Musicology Dissertations



Sarah Suhadolnik, "Navigating Jazz: Music, Place, and New Orleans"

Leah Weinberg "Opera behind the Myth: An Archival Examination of Einstein on the Beach"


Jessica Getman, "Music, Race, and Gender in the Original Series of Star Trek (1966-69)"


Sarah Gerk, "Far Away O'er the Ocean Go Journeymen, Cowboys, and Fiddlers: The Irish in Nineteenth-Century American Music"


Daniel Blim, “Patchwork Nation: Collage, Music, and American Identity"

Alison DeSimone, "The Myth of the Diva: Female Opera Singers and Collaborative Performance in Early Eighteenth-Century London"

Nicholas Field, "Outlandish Authors: Innocenzo Fede and Musical Patronage at the Stuart Court in London and in Exile"


Rebecca Fulop, "Heroes, Dames, and Damsels in Distress: Constructing Gender Types in Classical Hollywood Film Music"

Michael Mauskapf, “Enduring Crisis, Ensuring Survival: Artistry, Economics, and the American Symphony Orchestra"


Scott Southard, “Focalization and Masculine Subjectivity in the Early Operas of Benjamin Britten"

Shinobu Yoshida, “Modeling Heroines in Giacomo Puccini’s Operas"


Timothy Freeze, “Gustav Mahler’s Third Symphony: Program, Reception, and Evocations of the Popular"

Nathan Platte, "Musical Collaboration in the Films of David O. Selznick, 1932–1957"


Laura Kennedy, "Symphonies nos. 8 and 10 by Dmitri Shostakovich: A Study of Sketches and Drafts"


Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir, "'Musique Dansante' and the Art of Ballet"


Christopher Scheer, "Fin-de-siecle Britain: Imperialism and Wagner in the Music of Gustav Holst"


Eric Saylor, "The Significance of Nation in the Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams"


Amanda Eubanks, "Gender and Genre: Musical Conventions on the English Stage, 1660-1705"


Mark Katz, "The phonograph Effect: The Influence of Recording on Listener, Performer, Composer, 1900-1940"


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