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Ethnomusicology Dissertations


J. Ryan Bodiford, "Sharing Sounds: Musical Innovation, Collaboration, and Ideological Expression in the Chilean Netlabel Movement"

Megan Hill, "Asakusa Ondo: Soundscape, Agency, Montage, and Place in a Dynamic Tokyo Neighborhood"

Elizabeth Batiuk, "Kinetic Conversations: Creative Dance-Music Performance and the Neotiation of Identity in Contemporary Havana, Cuba"

M. Antonette Adiova, "Music, Dance, and Negotiations of Identity in the Religious Festivals of Bicol, Philippines"

Bretton Dimick, "Vietnam's Ca tru: Courtesans' Songs by Any Other Name"

Alexander Cannon, "Making Tradition Charismatic: Music, Memory and Alliance in Contemporary Southern Vietnam"

Yona Stamatis, "Rebetiko Nation: Hearing Pavlos Vassiliou's Alternative Greekness in Rebetiko Song"


John Behling, “Music Practices as Social Relations: Chicago Music Communities and the Everyday Significance of Playing Jazz"

Vera Flaig, " The Politics of Representation and Transmission in the Globalization of Guinea's Djembe"
Alyson Jones, " Playing Out: Women Instrumentalists and Women’s Ensembles in Contemporary Tunisia"


Hui-Hsuan Chao, “Musical Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule: A Historical and Ethnomusicological Interpretation”

Joys Cheung, "Chinese Music and Translated Modernity in Shanghai, 1918-1937"
Jesse Johnston, "The Cimbalom (Cimbál) in Moravia: Cultural Organology and Interpretive Communities"

Joshua Duchan, "Powerful Voices: Performance and Interaction in Contemporary Collegiate A Cappella"
Michal Rahfaldt, " Music-Based Radio and Youth Education in South Africa"

Julia Byl, "Antiphonal Histories: Performing Toba Batak Past and Present"
Stephanie Ng, "Filipino Bands Performing in Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants in Asia: Purveyors of Transnational Culture in a Global Arena"

Kristina Benitez, "The Maguindanaon Kulintang: Musical Innovation, Transformation and the Concept of Binalig"
Katherine Brucher, "A Banda da Terra: Bandas Filarmónicas and the Performance of Place in Portugal"
Christopher Joshua Tucker, "Sounding Out a New Peru: Music, Media, and the Emergent Andean Public"

Tamar Barzel, ""Radical Jewish culture": Composer/improvisers on New York City’s 1990s Downtown Scene"
Lisa Jenkins, "Celtic connections: 'Celticism' in Scottish Music"



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