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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz and Contemplative Studies

This highly interdisciplinary program combines a solid grounding in jazz and improvised music study with courses which involve meditative practices and other areas related to creative development.

Music Requirements

  • Twenty-four hours of private performance instruction in the student's principal instrument (or voice) or the equivalent by proficiency examination
  • Eight terms of ensemble including large and small jazz ensembles, and Creative Arts Orchestra (an eclectic improvisation ensemble)
  • Four terms of Contemplative Practices Seminar
  • One term of the course Creativity and Consciousness
  • Two terms of music theory including the study of the structure of primarily tonal music through ear-training and sight-singing, written work in construction and composition, and musical analysis
  • Two terms of Musicology exploring European and American music history, as well as the sounds and concepts of many world music traditions
  • One term each of Music in Culture and Music of Asia
  • One year of piano or the equivalent by examination
  • Twelve hours of jazz studies including jazz improvisation and jazz composition
  • One semester of Jazz Piano
  • Electives in music to total ninety hours

Non-music courses

A minimum of thirty hours including the University's two semester English writing requirement.

Elective non-music courses:  minimum of 5 courses to be selected from:  Psychology 418/Religion 448 (e.g., Psychology and Spirituality Development), Religion 465 (Islamic Mysticism), Asian Studies 250 (Buddhist Studies), Religion 468 (Greek Religion), Religion 469 (Jewish Mysticism), Religion 350 (History of Christian Thought), History of Art 394 (Special Topics), or other courses in Psychology or Religion

Information on Dual Degree Programs

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