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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Studies

This curriculum allows students to focus on mainstream jazz studies through rigorous and focused jazz coursework. Students may also augment their jazz training with other areas of study through electives.


  • A minimum of twenty-four hours of private performance instruction on a principal instrument, including demonstrated proficiency equivalent to second semester, senior level
  • Eight terms of ensemble, four of which must be large jazz ensemble, and four of which may be chosen from either the large jazz ensemble or the School of Music, Theatre & Dance's jazz combos
  • Two terms of music theory including the study of the structure of primarily tonal music through ear training and sight-singing, written work in construction and composition, and music analysis
  • One semester of the Analytical History of Jazz
  • Two terms of musicology, including the study of European and American music history, as well as the sounds and concepts of many world music traditions
  • One elective in musicology or music theory
  • One year of elementary piano
  • One semester of jazz piano class
  • Four semesters of jazz improvisation instruction
  • One semester of Jazz Composition
  • One semester of Jazz Arranging
  • Electives in music to total ninety hours
  • Thirty hours of non-music courses including the University's two semester English writing requirement

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Jazz Ensemble

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