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Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation Auditions & Interviews

Graduate Requirements and Dates

Applicants may orient their auditions around their particular musical backgrounds. Eclectic or "open" improvisers will play an unaccompanied solo improvisation which consists of two parts: one will be without pulse and will display dynamics, density and registral variety; a second part will be pulse-based and will demonstrate solid sense of time. Such applicants will also play a collective free improvisation with one other musician who we will provide at the time of the audition. Applicants with jazz backgrounds can play a more jazz-oriented audition by playing 2-3 selections from the standard repertory. All applicants with original compositions are welcome to present these, either through live performance or accompanying DVD or CD.

For further information, contact Professor Edward Sarath, 734-763-1321, or the School of Music, Theatre & Dance Office of Admissions and Student Services, 734-764-0593.


Audition schedule and application deadline dates


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